Fleet and Automotive Management

Experience seamless fine management with our cutting-edge image-recognition software, automating the identification of both vehicles and associated fines. This innovation powers IMS, the epitome of fine-management systems, designed to significantly mitigate business risks. Right off the bat, Evolve reduces 80% of the workload entailed in fine management. It effortlessly transfers fine liability from your name to the individual driving the vehicle at the time of infringement. Additionally, Evolve grants you vital insights into your drivers' road eligibility, aiding in a thorough understanding of their driving privileges, ensuring only authorised drivers are on the roads.

Unattended 'blind spots' in your operations could culminate in an $80,000 penalty against your business.

With Evolve, say goodbye to accruing “interest” on overlooked fines and unexpected visits from sheriffs seeking unpaid dues. Stay informed, maintain compliance, and shield your business from financial setbacks with ease.

Using data from manufacturers, each of the state governments and relevant jurisdictional bodies, Evolve have created an all in one exception-based registration management system that removes 90% of the day-to-day management tasks within fleet management. Whether you have any vehicles that have been suspended for incorrect use, require an inspection or their registration is out-of-date, our system can automate every part of the workflow from reregistration to insurance checks to comprehensive third party insurance to the final bank payment and batch files between each of your vehicles and the state.

This effectively reduces the risk of an unregistered vehicle within your fleet entering the roads to almost zero.

Having been one of Australia’s leading software and systems integrators over the last 20 years and having the leading fleet management software product suite on the market, Evolve have plugged into all the best-known names in fleet management, from Miles to Bynx and Drive to self-designed systems. We can have your integration project completely plugged in within four weeks, and have you running at an 80% saving across any of the fleet operational spaces.

With that money going back into your bottom-line, imagine what parts of the business you could accelerate and the personnel you could repurpose into far more profitable activities?

Thanks to long-term relationships with gov state bodies and manufacturing, Evolve has access to some of the most expensive and sophisticated fleet transactional data in Australia. We can connect your fleet business to the required data streams faster, with greater efficiency and with the best insights available. Should you be interested in creating your own solution to further deliver efficiencies, transparencies, and cost-savings across your business, we have the experience and 20 years of IP that could help take your fleet business to not just the next level, but several stories up.  

For companies who want Fleet Management delivered through flexibility, simplicity and support, Evolve’s solution is;

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“Evolve have a really diverse set of skills within the team which means we have access to a broad range of resources able to help us and that’s really important to me in my job. Our preference is to have a one-stop-shop for a vendor who can provide everything across something like SharePoint and Evolve manages to do that.”
Damien Osborn, Metlink
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“There’s a lot to recommend when it comes to Evolve including the fact that they are a highly skilled group, great to deal with and we can trust them because they’ve looked after us from the time they partnered with us.”
Damien Davies, Higgins Coatings

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