Accounts Payable Automation

Our Accounts Payable software learns your accounts payable processes & procedures, based on your actual accounts’ payable history – typically 3 months up to 6 years of data.

Over a matter of days our software has integrated your processes into its systems. This delivers an up-to 80% reduction in time-entry labour straight out of the box. Our learning algorithm uses intelligent character recognition to read all the relevant information from every invoice (paper, file, email) down to the line-item level.

Approvals are automatically distributed to the appropriate person via the software. Information relating to the original invoice can be viewed and amended before being forwarded on for final approval which can be done from any web-enabled device.

Integration of our Accounts Payable system into your business can be completed in less than 2 weeks. Compared to industry norms of up to 18 months.

Transform your accounts payable into a strategic function allowing for improved cash flow and real time management of your payment terms. Our software solution puts you right back in control of your financial position.

For companies who want Accounts Payable Automation delivered through flexibility, simplicity and support, Evolve’s solution is:

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Simple out-of-the-box Enterprise Accounts Payable Automation
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Tailors to any system and process
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Proven over 15 years to deliver reliable solutions in information services

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“The return on investment for me – it’s not a traditional contract – just pure partnership. I’m not looking for vendors, I’m looking for partners and our relationship with Evolve is a win for us. In addition to the quality of the entire team of Evolve people, CEO, Bill Kennedy adds tremendous value as a trusted partner to bounce ideas around with.”
Peter Kelly, Simonds
IT Manager
"One system that Evolve have built for us, the creditor invoice checking application, is in its final testing stages and it’s looking better than good. The program is invaluable because it makes sure we get what we pay for and pay for what we get – error free for both parties!”
Damien Davies, Higgins Coatings

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