Construction Management

There’s a lot of moving parts to building a house. There’s people, materials, suppliers, and deadlines.

The big dark “unknown” of how smoothly all those parts will come together during the build is something that can eat away very quickly at the profit margins and make taking on more jobs extremely difficult without having to hire extra staff.

Our suite of construction-based software tools will integrate with your internal systems because we’ve built them to specifically do that. They can work collectively as a unit or in combination with each other depending on your requirements.

We’ve created these tools to ‘bolt’ onto one another in a modular fashion. Whatever you choose, it will provide you with the eyes and the ears on projects that you’ve never, ever even come close to being able to see or hear through conventional project management systems.

Our suite of tools includes:

  • Accounts payable automation software
  • Electronic Call Forward Automation
  • Extras ordering
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • Pre-site Management
  • Receipting (for purchase order tracking)

Our suite of tools can integrate into Xero, Myob, Microsoft, Framework, Databuild, Clickhome, HomePlan, Salesforce and Linksafe (to name a few). But we’ve actually never encountered a system we could not integrate with on some level.

If we cannot integrate our suite of tools with a system, then no one can. Period.

In a word? Profit.

The construction industry operates on such razor-thin margins that it does not take a lot to impact what’s left in your pocket at the end of a job.

Our suite of tools delivers the insights, transparency, and data you need to make the right decisions when they need to be made that can directly impact how much is leftover.

  • Access your job data on any device at any time.
  • Identify problems before they become a problem.
  • Delivers greater accountability across all parties involved.

Gain unprecedented levels of insight into the efficiencies and areas of improvement you can implement on each construction job.

With so many moving parts and many variables at play that can impact your profitability on a job, you need all the help you can get….let’s face it, it's tough to manage all the flow of information that is taking place during a construction project.

Let our world-class suite of tools do the heavy lifting for you, so every decision you make is based on accurate data and is always the best one you can make at that time.

For construction companies wanting full transparency and accountability over their construction project, Evolve’s solution is:

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Unprecedented in the level of data
and insights it provides
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Affordable and scalable from 1 project to 10,000
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Industry-proven at delivering value and long-term cost savings

We’re the dev mate you can rely on.

Trusted by over 150 companies for almost 20 years

We’re here to help people

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“Evolve have a very strong and knowledgeable team. While it’s hard to put an monetary value on it in terms of a traditional ROI, I can say that in working with them, I save time, effort and money in having to find others when with one phone call I can solve the problem with Evolve. The value of having a trusting relationship is invaluable.”
Jeremy Bree, Henley Properties Group
“Evolve’s team of experts provided advice and guidance in content structure and hierarchy, design and technical implementation. The initial visual design look and feel was created by Henley’s in-house graphics team, based on design concepts shared by Evolve. Evolve were then also responsible for the translation of the visual design concept into reality.”
Henley Properties Group

We make companies’ more valuable by eliminating their technical bottlenecks. This creates efficiencies, insights that directly impacts the bottom line. In short, we make our client’s business more profitable.

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